Electro Body Suit
Electro Body Suit

Wireless Electro Body Suit

You will be shocked when you experience a complete workout in 25 minutes with the 6th Sense Electro Bodysuit! We have the first WIRELESS Electro Body Suits in Orange County. Our suit sends controlled low-intensity electrical pulses to your muscles to stimulate muscle contraction, creating a full body workout in less time! Find the same strength with less reps and less weight when you use our low-impact technology. Come explore this advanced technology workout program!


  • For beginning to advanced movers
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Increase lean muscle, strength, and metabolic rate
  • Low impact
  • Facilitated by a certified trainer
  • Time Efficient

How it works

Our Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) suit is a high-performance FDA approved wireless suit that sends a small amount of electricity into your muscle tissue. The electrical stimulation mimics how your central nervous system activates muscle movement, and will increase the contraction of your muscle tissue while exercising. Results are shown in toned muscle, muscle growth, improved posture, and weight loss, all while reducing your workout time and volume.

Our Location

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Newport Beach

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