Infrared Sauna
Infrared Sauna
Infrared Sauna
Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

Disappear in our private infrared sauce experience to flush out your toxins and dissipate tension. This moisture-free experience refreshes your skin and strengthens your immune system in a mobile-friendly environment. Whether you are looking to relax during your day or to push your training, don’t sweat it, our saunas have you covered.


  • Eliminate Toxins
  • Natural Caloric Expenditure
  • Improve Cardiovascular Health
  • Elevate Heat Endurance Threshold
  • Promote Skin Health
  • Relieve Muscle Soreness
  • Reduce Joint Pain
  • Improve Sleep Patterns

How it works

Our Medical saunas improve circulation, reduce muscle aches/pains and detox your body by raising the body’s core temperature using infrared light. Medical Saunas are the very first sauna supported by doctors. They are commonly used to remove harmful toxins from the body, such as BPA from household plastic items, toxic heavy metals and nicotine. Relax, sweat and reap the benefits of this cleansing technology.

Our Location

Stop by and see our amazing state of the art facility

Costa Mesa – Newport Beach Area

126 Rochester St. 
Costa Mesa, CA 92627









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